Tools for Magic xpa, uniPaaS and Magic eDeveloper          
Tools for Magic XPA, uniPaaS and Magic eDeveloper



Magic Compare 4.0
now with Source Control support!

Compare Magic xpa, uniPaaS projects and see the changes in Magic format.

Connect with Source Control systems
(TFS 1015/2012/2010, GIT, SVN, CVS, PVSC...)

Without using xml files comparison tools.

Quick intro video:

only 499



Magic Compare is a Visual comparison (diff) tool. Use it to compare Magic source code (xml files)d other text files with native application performance.

See the changes in understandable way, as shown in Magic!

No more looking at the changes in xml source files, now you can see the changes as they appear in Magic, readable and easy to see where the changes have occurred.

Graphic view of Form changes

View Form changes, changes in properties, which form items are added, deleted or changed.

Changes in Repositories

View which entries have been added, deleted or changed in all Repositories, Models, Data Sources, Programs, Rights, Helps, Menus and CRRs.


Magic Compare 4.0 Evaluation *  

*Evaluation version has full access to all of the features, limited to 50 lines per result.


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