Tools for Magic xpa, uniPaaS and Magic eDeveloper          
Tools for Magic XPA, uniPaaS and Magic eDeveloper

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At Ocean Software Solutions we are focused on developing tools for developers using Magic xpa, uniPaaS or Magic eDeveloper to develop their solutions.

In last 10 years our solutions have been welcomed by developers and companies in over 40 countries around the world. From individual software developers, software houses to large organizations using Magic xpa (Magic eDeveloper, uniPaaS) for their IT solutions, internal or external solutions, used by hundreds of companies.

They use our software to optimize their projects before releasing them to customers. Analytical and documentation features allow them to improve their projects in areas where it was not possible before or very time consuming.

Headquarters located in USA:

Ocean Software Solutions, LLC
2130 NW 17th St
Delray Beach, FL 33445
Tel: +1 561 289 2126
European office:

Ocean Solutions d.o.o.
Stanezice 17b
1210 Ljubljana


Have a question? Call +1 561 289 2126  or  Email Customer Service:

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