Tools for Magic xpa, uniPaaS and Magic eDeveloper          
Tools for Magic XPA, uniPaaS and Magic eDeveloper
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Magic Compare & Merge 3.0

for Magic xpa Magic xpa, uniPaaS, eDeveloper v10

Magic Compare 3.0 Evaluation *
Magic Compare 3.0

Magic Optimizer 10.0

for Magic xpa, uniPaaS and Magic eDeveloper

Magic Optimizer 10.0 Evaluation *
Magic Optimizer 10.0

*Evaluation edition gives you full access to all functionalities, limited to 50 lines per results.

   Free Utilities

Html Single Report for uniPaaS/Magic xpa
Creates an HTML report on selected Program and all related objects that are being used within that program, with all used models and tables.

Checker Messages utility
Retrieves Checker results messages from eDeveloper v9 and uniPaaS (v10). You can use it to browse quickly through messages, group them by Message type and export them to Excel file.
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