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Tools for Magic XPA, uniPaaS and Magic eDeveloper


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What licensing model you have?
We use activation licensing model. A number of purchased licenses mean number of activations. Single license can be activated once. Activated license is limited to username under which it was activated.
How can we transfer a license to another PC, once it was already activated?
Once a license has been activated, you need to use Revocation system to revoke activation of that license and be able to activate it on another PC. If you don't make a revoke of a license, you need to contact us for new activation instructions. Revoke Serial No. button is located under Help/About menu.
How do I get a license key if I lost it?
No worries, just send us your details and we will locate you license information and send it to you.


What options do I have to purchase your products?
You can make secure online purchase with credit card, right away. Our e-merchant offer secure credit card processing. You can also order a bank transfer information, which we send you with full payment details. Bank transfer usually takes from 1-2 days to verify and process your transaction. To request bank transfer payment details, please fill in this form Request info for direct bank transfer
Are there any additional fees?
Orders for the European Union customers are subject to VAT. VAT is due if a private customer in the EU purchases an electronically-delivered product from a publisher located within the EU. The VAT rate is dependent on the location of the customer. Corporate customers who specify a valid VAT ID number in the ordering process do not pay any VAT.
How soon will I receive a license after I make a purchase?
Once the credit card transaction is verified, we send you the license information. This usually happens within minutes. Depending on time zone difference between your location and ours, it can take up to 24 hours...
What maintenance options do I get with purchase?
All support is free. You can contact us via email, phone or Skype. Please see our Contact page for the latest contacts.

Software delivery

How will I receive my product?
All our products are part of our electronic software delivery system (ESD), meaning you can either download it or we send it to you, electronically. All documents, licenses and support, trial, evaluation and beta versions are delivered the same way. This means you can receive your product immediately after you make a purchase. There is no shipping of physical product. Our distributors have the right to change this policy.


How to upgrade my license to the latest version?
As owner of any of the previous licenses, you are entitled to upgrade to the latest version. Depending on your last purchase date is the upgrade purchase discount. Send us an email with your license details (your Serial No) and we will send you upgrade details.
Are free upgrades included in the purchase price?
Yes, for the first year you receive all minor upgrades for free. And all major upgrades for free, for first 6 months. After first year you can upgrade with discount to the latest version. For discount information please contact us.
I already own a Single license. Can I upgrade to the Team license of the latest version?
Yes, you can. Upgrade discount is applicable no matter what version or license type you purchase last. For detailed upgrade discounts, please contact us.

Magic Optimizer

What is Magic Optimizer?
Magic Optimizer is advanced optimization, analytical and documentation software for projects developed with Magic eDeveloper, uniPaaS or Magic xpa. Wide range of optimization checks and analytical features for an extended overview of every part of projects.
What are different license types of Magic Optimizer?
Magic Optimizer can import either Magic eDeveloper or Magic xpa/uniPaaS projects. Based on what you need, you can get a license for either of the types or both, packed license.
What is a Pack edition of Magic Optimizer?
Pack edition means Pack license, so you can use it for Magic eDeveloper and Magic xpa (uniPaaS) projects with the same license.
Where can I see introduction or video tutorials?
See all videos about our software on Video tutorials page
I have a suggestion for new feature...
We welcome all suggestions on how to improve our products. Please go to our discussion forum and suggest new feature, or you can send us email to
Can I try it before I buy it?
All our products can be downloaded and tried right away. Just download and install. All are trial versions, meaning you can try them and evaluate if they fit your needs. Trial version means limited functionality, but still enough to try. Sometimes we offer 7day or 30day evaluation licenses, so contact us at and see if they are available at this time.
Our project has 5.000+ programs and 2.000+ tables. Can Magic Optimizer handle such large projects?
Yes, it can! Some of our clients have 10.000+ programs in single project and they are very satisfied with how Magic Optimizer handles their project. The only limitation is tha memory resources, but if you have 1GB of free memory, it it perfectly fine for even the largest projects.

Magic Compare

What is Magic Compare?
Magic Compare is a visual comparison tool for Magic xpa projects. It shows differences between objects and their properties. It identifies also new or deleted entries. It analyzes projects’ source xml files and displays changes, differences in Magic xpa style – visual display and not just plain xml view.

Free utilities

Do you offer any support for your free utilities?
Yes! All support for all free software is free. You can go to our discussion forums or just send us your comments to and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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