Tools for Magic xpa, uniPaaS and Magic eDeveloper          
Tools for Magic XPA, uniPaaS and Magic eDeveloper

  Video Tutorials

Direct SQL Repository
Analyze and build Direct SQL statements repository
2:30 min
Activity profiler
Discover bottlenecks, slow nad time consuming tasks
2:30 min
Unused Objects
Clean up and speed up your project
2:30 min
60+ Warnigns to locate bugs, issues and potential ..
UML Chart
Analyze data relationship
.Work flow chart
Analyze project work flow.
Phrase extractor
Extract all text from your project and prepare multi lingual files
App epxlorer
Browse your project by various filters
Fast cross reference with details
Code view
Brose through tasks without Magic studio
Online to Rich Client migration
Migrate to Magic xpa
Create tecgnical documentation in HTML or Excel format
Matrix reports
Multi-lingual support Chart


This video presents the documentation functionality in Magic Optimizer, that can create detailed technical documentation of eDeveloper or uniPaaS projects.

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